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We offer a wide range of services for your horse to keep them happy and healthy.

Routine Healthcare

Having a vet-patient relationship is crucial to a healthy horse, not to mention legally necessary for us to prescribe anything (bute, sedatives for clipping etc) to your animals. We can provide vaccinations to prevent against common diseases, dental care, deworming programs tailored to suit YOUR animals on YOUR paddocks, and carry out health checks and wellness exams. It is often helpful to us, not to mention reassuring to you, to know your animal when it is well to be better able to treat him or her when they are sick.

Internal Medicine

From colic to diarrhoea, our vets are knowledgeable in all aspects of internal medicine. We can offer expert examination and diagnostics, including blood testing and other labwork, to quickly get to the bottom of your horse's problem.

Lameness Exam

Lameness is a very common worry for every horse owner. Calling a vet will get you a diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis and will often save thousands in the long term. We deal with everything from a simple foot abscess/stone bruise to arthritis, sprains and fractures....get the peace of mind to know exactly what you are dealing with by calling one of our vets. We may need to bring some equipment (xrays etc) or spend a bit of time working with your horse to give you all the information needed to make informed decisions, but your horse will thank you for it!

24/7 Emergency Callouts

Horses don't follow a 9-5, so neither do our vets. We try to organise all our routine work on weekdays at normal working hours, but provide 24/7 cover for emergencies EVERY day, so you can always reach one of our vets. So many horses can be saved by prompt veterinary attention, and it is reassuring to know that our vets are there for advice, or a visit, at any time.

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