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Elite Athletes Need Premium Support


Just like top human athletes, horses competing in all disciplines of equestrian competitive sport need knowledgeable, reliable care to keep them performing at their best. The vets at Rangiora Equine Services will provide your horse with the experienced, professional care they deserve, drawing on their many years of experience treating equine athletes all over the world. We only use top quality products, and our vets regularly attend conferences and meetings to ensure we are providing the latest, most up-to-date care possible to your horse.

Pentosan (Arthropen)

Pentosan acts in 5 different ways to delay the onset of degenerative joint disease, and to reduce inflammation, as seen in this picture. Your vet may recommend a course of injections into the muscle, and many performance horses stay on a maintenance program of pentosan throughout their racing/competition season.

Hyaluronic acid "HA" (Equinate or "Gold" Injection)

Called gold injection because it's not cheap, this product offers supplemental levels of the natural protein found in your horse's joint fluid, cartilage and soft tissues. HA is the body's natural anti-inflammatory and acts as a shock absorber. It gets broken down in the presence of inflammation: so your vet may recommend injection into the vein (can be used pre-race/show with no witholding) or into the joint in combination with other medications.


Both the above products are made from your horse's own healing proteins within the blood, then purified and injected back in to joints, ligaments or tendons in order to speed healing and promote a superior repair of a damaged area.

Rangiora Equine Services can offer both these cutting edge regenerative treatments, and we have already had a fantastic success with both products in treating several suspensory branch lesions, ongoing arthritis and tendon tears.

Metabolase - prerace + treat muscle soreness/tie-up

Metabolase only contains substances which are naturally present in the organism and can even be administered on the day of a race with no risk of being positive to anti-doping controls. Metabolase contains among others L-Carnitine which enhances fatty acid oxidation and ATP production in the muscle. Metabolase is a metabolic, detoxifying, antioxidant and tonic preparation for veterinary use.

Metabolase is indicated in horses to enhance performance, reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery after hard work and in animals suffering toxic and metabolic disorders and reduced hepatic functionality. Intense exercise, acid-base disorders, convalescence, postoperative course, tying-up syndrome, hepatopathy, intoxications.

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